A Child's Imagination Takes Flight in Korea

What do you get when you combine a child's imagination with the skill and ability of an accomplished artist? If you happen to be Seoul-based artist Yeondoo Jung and a handful of children's drawings, the answer is found in cutting edge technology and sold out art exhibits throughout the world.

This is exactly where Jung has found his niche, spending the last few years peddling his children's art-turned-high end photography. Taking various sketches by kids, he made it a mission to use advanced photography and photo editing to show the world to adults through these little ones' eyes. Taking their paintings, he posed models and manipulated real-life scenery to simulate the artwork while changing as little as possible from the original drawing.

A child's vision of Snow White: Source: Yeondoojung.com

And Jung's recapturing: Source: Yeondoojung.com

The result? An instant hit from both adults and his child artists. Using innovative photography and technology to reproduce the thoughts and dreams of those with the ultimate in innovative imaginations, Jung's collaboration with children and their creativity has opened the door to a whole new genre of art. Ever since this exhibit, known as "Wonderland," debuted in 2005, it has been on tour all over the globe and continues to bring smiles and curiosity to all who see it.

Other Jung innovations in the field of art? A gallery known as "Bewitched" showing common day workers first in their actual element, and then plugged into their ultimate fantasy. Waiters turned philosophers, elderly musician turned into accomplished symphony star, and models with actual dreams of simplicity & motherhood are just a few of the transformations Jung created with his imaginative mind and pimped out computer technology.

A child's ultimate garden: Source: Yeondoojung.comA child's ultimate garden: Source: Yeondoojung.com

Jung introduces it to reality: Source: Yeondoojung.comJung introduces it to reality: Source: Yeondoojung.com

For more information on Jung or examples of his work, you can visit Jung's official website or watch the arts and entertainment section of your local newspaper to wait for his latest innovative exhibit to travel to a town near you.

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Mar 28, 2008
by Anonymous

Yeondoo Jung has used large format Film camera

Ironically, he is an artist with old format film camera. It is very nice to see how the computer generation people see it..