ChildsPlay Marketing: Business Promotion Ideas Made Simple

Coming up with new and inventive ways to market your business can be a challenge. While social networking and viral marketing online seems to be one of the most effective trends used today, particularly those in competitive industries need to get creative. Sometimes getting creative can cost an arm and a leg, one company keeps things simple.

ChildPlay MarketingChildPlay Marketing

ChildsPlay Marketing might sound like it's geared at child entertainment, but in reality it is about simple marketing principles using a product that couldn't be more straight-forward. As part of their product line there is a deck of cards that helps businesses big or small develop their marketing campaigns with 125,000 ideas. Many of them are so simple, that business owners might wonder why they haven't tried them yet, but that's the idea!!

Sometimes the most effective businesses are the ones that keep things simple, and not only does ChildsPlay Marketing cards do just that, it also helps their consumer base do the same with their businesses!

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Feb 10, 2010
by Anonymous

Childsplay Marketing

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