Chill Out With Wine Chilled To Perfection

Most of us don't have wine cellars or even wine refrigerators in our homes. But, never mind; the Ravi Instant Wine Chiller chills your wine in just a few seconds, takes up infinitely less space, and saves you a whole lot of money. So chill out! You can drink your wine as you like it.

Invented by Canadian Michel Dallaire, the Ravi looks like a wine pourer with a stopper for the wine bottle. Those functions are accurate, but the wine pourer is actually the chilly component of the Ravi through which the wine must pass. Kept in your freezer for ready access when needed, the Ravi not only pours the wine, but chills it to its perfect drinking temperature!

Made primarily for red wines, the Ravi has controls for just the variety of wine you are drinking. If your choice of wine is a young red varietal, like a Beaujolais or young Bordeaux, the proper drinking temperature is between 12° and 15°Celsius (53° - 59° Fahrenheit). If the wine is more mature, like a Burgundy or fine Bordeaux, the perfect temperatures for serving would be between 16° and 18° C (60° - 64° F).

Here is an interesting chart showing the temperature effects of the Ravi on a red wine, compared to that of serving from a wine cellar storage or after the bottle has been kept in an ice bucket.


If you are currently serving red wines at room temperature, let's say at 21° to 24° C (70° - 74° F), you are likely missing out on the best taste of your wine, because at room temperature the alcohol overtakes the taste of fruit, spices, and barrel so distinguishing in each wine. Using the Ravi Instant Wine Chiller, you can serve wine at optimum temperature for its particular variety and, if poured within an hour of freezing, the wine will be chilled exactly as it was meant to be tasted.

White wines are consumed at cooler temperatures than reds, so whites are generally chilled in regular kitchen refrigerators, kept at about 1.7° to 3.3° Celsius (35° - 38° Fahrenheit). The Ravi will not chill a wine to a temperature lower than 12°C (53° F), but it certainly can be used to pour and chill white wine if the wine bottle has been standing around too long without a wine cooler or ice bucket to chill it.

For $49.95, the Ravi promises a little change in lifestyle that may help a red wine drinker you know chill out. The Ravi is available online at The Wine Enthusiast or in many stores throughout Canada and through Amazon .

Source: Ravi via Kaboodle

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