Chime Will Make You The Perfect Cup Of Chai Tea

All chai tea isn't created equally. Sure, you've probably had chai tea from somewhere like Starbucks, but that is the over-sweetened, pre-brewed version, and like most things, authentic is simply better. The Chime, similar to a Keurig, simplifies the brewing process, while still giving you an authentic cup of chai tea, quickly and easily.


When making chai tea, you'd typically brew black tea leaves with your spices and bring rich milk to a boil before mixing the two. From there, you bring them to a boil again before serving. It's not a terribly difficult process, but if you're in a hurry or simply feeling too lazy to go through the steps, it can seem like a daunting task. The Chime simplifies the entire process and crams everything into a machine about the size of a Keurig.

Chime tea podsChime tea pods

The Chime uses a pod similar to the Keurig and a tray for your milk. Simply insert your pod, pour your milk, start it up, and you'll have a cup of chai tea in just a couple minutes. The Chime uses some smart features as well, letting you store chai settings for your perfect cup. Adjust things like the strength of your tea and ratios and store them for quick access in the future. You can also store your blends in your phone and share them with other Chime units. How often that will be used has yet to be seen, but it's still a nice feature to include.

Chime is currently available for pre-order. To find out more about Chime, check out their website here.