China Introduces World's First Facial Recognition Technology ATM

A Chinese-developed ATM equipped with facial recognition identity features is set to make life much more difficult for fraudsters, criminals and counterfeiters. The ATM is the world's first cash-dispensing machine to employ inbuilt facial recognition technology as its prime method of user identification.

Designed, developed and produced by a Tsinghua University research team in collaboration with Hangzhou-based technology company Tzekwan, the ATM is the first such device independently developed in China.

Once a customer has registered a photo of their face with their bank's database, the ATM will be able to compare the user's face with the stored image before proceeding with any bank-card-initiated transaction. The machine's biometric software is sophisticated enough to identify cardholders even if their facial features, makeup, hairstyle etc have changed over time.

The ATM also boasts a number of unique features that will benefit account holders, the banks and the police, such as the ability to record the serial numbers of every deposited banknote deposited by clients to help identify counterfeit notes. (via CRI English)