China Gets Totally Click Happy in 2007

We may be home to such computer giants such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, however China is now giving the U.S. a run for their money when it comes to Internet search and usage. It was recently reported by a leading statistical website that China is expected to be the reigning champion in the broadband internet industry next year. The number of Internet subscribers have grown 79% this year alone, and China will have a record number of 79 million Internet users by the end of 2007. Our winning total so far? 51 million.

China Loves To Search: Source:yimg.comChina Loves To Search:

But what about actual click addiction? It seems Asia’s most populated nation has got us beat there too, as recent reports show China has the biggest online search market. Inquiring minds want to know about well, everything apparently, as Chinese computer users known as “netizens” have generated an average of 10 billion searches per month. With us so despairingly neglecting our Google with only 9.4 billion, China is beating our numbers in all Internet-related areas.

A Chinese Graph Showing Internet Increase: Source: SearchblogA Chinese Graph Showing Internet Increase: Source: Searchblog

One reason for this is credited to the amount of innovations and discoveries to have come out of the country within the past several years. China is a leader in inventions and is working hard to catch up to other nations’ penchant for space travel, making for continuously intriguing news stories on the Web. More Chinese are also starting to work in office environments as well, and many are undoubtedly fighting the long-known American temptation of goofing around online on company time.

Chinese Internet Lab: Source: Pops CityChinese Internet Lab: Source: Pops City

Seems the world shares a common alliance after all.


Source: China News

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Feb 1, 2008
by Anonymous (not verified)

the picture says it all

"you must now line up at the desk and pretend to use the internet or i will break some neecaps start now -kim jong illllllllllll"