China has system to detect vulgar Karaoke

Chinahush has a great write-up about a controversial new karaoke content management system being rolled out in Zhengzhou. The 'Black Box' (as it has been nicknamed) will flash red lights and alert the police when someone selects a vulgar song. Naturally, many netizens in China are voicing questions about such a system: 

“Music library has so many songs, and who knows which song is healthy and which is not” ”If the vulgar and banned songs exist, why not just delete them directly? So it is legal if it is not picked? (Chinahush via HHR)

But karaoke lovers will be pleased to hear that the deputy inspector of Provincial Department of Culture was quoted saying that such monitoring is not aimed at consumers, but rather at "karaoke places and other entertainment services.

Having been in more than a few karaoke joints in my day, it strikes me as somewhat unusual that the authorities see vulgar lyrics as the most naughty aspect of these clubs. Hello? Prostitution? Ring any bells, Officer? KTVs (as karaoke bars are known in China) usually employ women who may or may not provide certain unmentionable services, depending on which particular KTV you happened to stumble into. Rest assured that you would be far more likely to hear sweet vulgarities whispered into your ear from one of those lovely ladies than you would be from any karaoke machine in China. 

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Jan 31, 2011
by Anonymous


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