China ice sculpture tragically made entirely from beer

The city of Harbin in northern China is widely known for it's freeze-your-snowballs-off temperatures and it's annual ice festival. Domestically, the city is also known for it's beer. Sadly, some wiseguy decided to combine the two to create a ginormous ice sculpture with nothing more than copious amounts of frozen beer. Such a waste...


And yes, the temperatures do get cold enough to perform a stunt like this. Supposedly the mercury dropped to -34 degrees celcius (that's -29 degrees fahrenheit!) on the day that this sculpture was created. So the beer would indeed freeze almost instantaneously after it was poured from the bottle.

Judging from the prominent shots of the Harbin Beer logos in the video, I'd guess that this is an attempt at viral video marketing. That said, Harbin during the ice festival is a pretty neat city to visit. Check out for some amazing pictures of Harbin's frosty festivities.

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Rick Martin
Innovations in China

Jan 5, 2010
by Anonymous


First hurdle the Chinese need to unblock youtube, then at least they have a better chance of it going viral.

Jan 5, 2010
by Anonymous

Good point

In their defense (not that I'm defending censorship or nuthin'), the video did originally appear on See the top corner of the youtube video for their logo.

Jan 5, 2010
by Anonymous


cold COLD beer lol