China to Increase Solar Energy Research

The focus of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) is to develop via a panel of experts, a plan of action and a platform that will actively support scientific innovations that specifically involve solar energy. This would include basic studies, applications studies and market research. To be carried out in a total of three phases, the plan targets “distributed utilization” by 2015, “alternative utilization” by 2025 and “ large-scale utilization” by 2035.


CAS experts have calculated that solar energy development can potentially save China as the duration of sunshine for two-thirds of its territory is more than 2,200 hours a year. Solar energy can also be harvested in the nation’s many vast desert areas and could be particularly helpful in effectively reducing the discharge of greenhouse gasses.

European nations as well as the governments of the United States and Japan began their solar energy programs back in the 1970s. Governmental investment has greatly promoted research and development in these countries and Germany’s solar “family program” has provided fixed solar energy facilities on the roofs of many homes. Japan launched a program to polarize the use of solar energy, and to cut its price by half within three to five years.

CAS has invited experts and scholars to carry on research and investigation concerning China’s solar energy industry at its technological innovation center. Experts agree that the first step in the usage of renewable energy must be in finding ways to lower its cost.

Here’s to solar power! Long may you shine on all the world’s frontiers!