China Joins Endeavor To Save People's Lives...and Soccer Games

Robocup, a worldwide initiative to get a team of humanoid robots prepped and able to defeat a human world champion soccer team by the year 2050, has been getting a lot of attention around the globe. Now China is starting to show distinct interest, with the continual development of the Robocup China Committee.

The goals of the Chinese committee is to boost the amount of research in the fields of robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and any or all related fields. They also hope to organize a national contest to help promote these technologies to Chinese youth, sparking a new generation of interest in scientific robotic research within the nation.

Robots Get Down With Their Miniature Soccer Game: Source: robocup.comRobots Get Down With Their Miniature Soccer Game: Source:

So, in short, Robocup sounds like every little boy’s ultimate fantasy as an adult – getting to play with robots all day long. However, the panel of members for Robocup china is actually much more dignified than a schoolyard. Affiliated with a multitude of universities throughout China, these professors and scientists take their toys very seriously.

Robotic Athletes Will Someday Intimidate The Pros: Source: robocup.comRobotic Athletes Will Someday Intimidate The Pros: Source:

Robocup came about back in 1993, and since then, various Robocup competitions have been held all over the world. Asia especially is getting excited about this innovation, as Robocups have been held in Korea and China, to name only a couple of the Asian nations who have either hosted or would love the opportunity to take on these sporty robots.

Independently moving computer players plan soccer on a virtual computer in one league, while small robots are invited to join in a physical game. Mid-sized robots can play in their own league as well, with sensors and wireless networking being utilized for communication and strategy. The four legged robots play soccer as well, and these pieces of technology must be able to master vision, localization, and coordination. Finally, there are the humanoids - the true intimidators of Robocup.

A Future Soccer Star: Source: robocup.comA Future Soccer Star: Source:

Asia has other motivations for getting involved with Robocup outside of just soccer. Many of the latest versions of robotics are able to be trained to rescue human beings in disaster situations, which makes Robocup not only family fun, but family salvation should the instance arise.

Source: Robocup China

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