China Seeks Ancient Help For Future Job Security

While Feng Shui used to be frowned upon in communist China, those same officials that once disdained experts of this ancient craft are now turning to them for job security.

China is a nation of uncertainty, and with constant employment rearrangements going on within the governmental system, Chinese Communist officials are following an innovative road toward job security, asking feng shui experts to help them up their opportunities for promotions and escalated job perks.

Government Officials Learn Feng Shui: Source: asianoffbeat.comGovernment Officials Learn Feng Shui: Source:

While feng shui masters were once forbidden to operate under Chinese law, their underground status is once again becoming somewhat mainstream as these officials are paying impressive price tags to get the help they feel necesary.

Feng shui masters claim to be able to ward off the "evil spirits" of competitors for various job positions, mainly acheived through the rearrangement of office furniture. Those involved in the feng shui arena are having no problems making rent this month, as many have experienced a distinct increase in their clientele.
A standard Feng Shui chart: Source: mountainvalleycenter.comA standard Feng Shui chart: Source:
How far will Communist workers go to make sure this innovative promotion method works for them? One official relocated his ancestors' tombs over a thousand miles to the base of a famous mountain in an attempt to improve his job situation.

Has it made a difference? Only time and speculation will tell.

Source: Asian Offbeat

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