China Tells Kids To Get A Job

I've reported on odd theme parks before, and while this one can still be categorized as strange, it can also be credited as a great idea.

The Kids City, the very first in China, will open its doors to children aged 5-10, giving them an opportunity to live a "day in the life" of their dream jobs. Currently under construction, this innovative theme park with streets, museums, grocery stores, airports, and other buildings designed at a 7:10 scale, will give children a chance to experience what they aspire to. And in turn, potentially change their minds and sway them toward a new someday profession.

The Kids City Offers Children A Chance To Explore Their Future: Source: Think Tank.acThe Kids City Offers Children A Chance To Explore Their Future: Source: Think

The "city" consists of 7000 square meters, and each admitted child will receive a bank account budget with a currency that can only be spent at the park itself. Taking on a "job" while at the park allows them to earn extra money. Each job is clocked in to take around half an hour to complete, and most children can stay amused at the theme park for over five hours.

Similar endeavors have taken place in Toyko and Mexico City at parks known as Kidzania. Now China hopes to replicate the success, while adding to it through rules such as a "no parents allowed" policy, which will allow children to truly experience the adult life with nothing familiar to distract them.

In a land full of hardworkers, it only makes sense China would get entrepreneurial with their littlest citizens. Hoping to rival the attendace of competitors' parks, (Mexico city enjoyed 800,000 visitors in its first year), The Kids City has yet to determine a ticket price, but plans to charge admission lower than its Japanese cousin park.

A Variety Of "Careers" Are Available: Source: g-mark.orgA Variety Of "Careers" Are Available: Source:

Packed with technology and giving children a chance to live their dreams before they are actually realized, this park could help woo children into vital professions for China's continued development, including innovation, foreign policy, and computer software development. It also will feature more common and mainstream jobs kids dream of, including the chance to try their hand at cooking.

The Kids City is slated to open in Hangzhou in October 2008.

Source: China Daily

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