China Will Paint Itself White to Fight Global Warming

Really?! No, not really. But an article on went to great pains on April 1st to try to fool us into believing as much. Here's a quick overview of their ficticious ten-year plan:

China: Painted White to Fight Global Warming?China: Painted White to Fight Global Warming?
  1. The roofs of all government buildings will be painted white, and individuals and companies who do the same will be monetarily compensated.
  2. The nation's roads will be resurfaced with an experimental white mixture.
  3. Government employees will be required to wear white clothing and hats. Jean-Paul Gaultier has been consulted for the designs.
  4. Biological engineering will be used to change color of crops to white.

Now I tend to dislike all this online April Foolery because that's the day when the internet is at it's absolute worst. If you have trust issues with using the web as a news source, you're especially going to hate it on April 1st. It's absolutely intolerable.

That said, I do find it refreshing in China. Because if anybody needs a good dose of humor it's the Chinese media. And while this paint-it-white article wasn't too bad, there was a much funnier faux headline that came out of Taiwan entitled 'Pandemonium Breaks out at Taipei Zoo.' Check that one out for a real laugh.

Apr 4, 2009
by Anonymous

china painted white

takes a strange sense of humor to find the lame panda story funny. the paint it white story was cool. flag is a nice touch though