China's New Reed Glass Said To Be Better Than Google Glass At 1/3 The Price

Look out Google Glass, a self-declared better & cheaper competitor's got you in its sights. The Reed Glass was developed by a Chinese/Italian design team and boasts improved display technology, longer battery life and a much lower price compared to Google's well-known smart glasses.

Reed Glass sparked a palpable buzz when the locally manufactured smart glasses made their debut on Saturday, November 29th at the China International Industrial Design Fair in Shenzhen.

No retail introduction date was given for the smart glasses, so this “teaser” may have been intended to bolster and/or secure funding required to finalize the design.

If the prototype smart glasses seem more stylish than the rather plain-jane Google Glass, credit renowned Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni for giving the high-tech specs a little flair.

Reed Glass's nuts & bolts were developed by a Chinese research team, however, and they're the ones who own the intellectual property rights of its core technology. (via CRI English)