China's “A Blue Work Shirt” is Mass Market Retro Fashion

With China's millions of upwardly mobile consumers opting for Western brands, one might wonder just what qualifies as Chinese Fashion these days? 

Shanghai-based OSPOP, which stands for “One Small Point Of Pride”, thinks they've found the answer in the no-nonsense, long-lasting duds that clothed Mao Zedong's China of the 1950s through 1970s.

OSPOP's “A Blue Work Shirt” is an updated version of the ubiquitous top worn by the many millions of men & women not by choice, but because it (and it alone) was there. Got a Great Leap Forward on your calendar and don't know what to wear? A Blue Work Shirt, of course... just like all the other cadres. 

OSPOP enlisted Chinese multimedia artist Tian Yuan (田源) to refine the ruggedly good-looking shirt to suit modern sensibilities while “keeping true to the original aesthetic.” It features red accents the wearer can expose by rolling up the sleeves and the backs display several appealing screen-printed graphic designs the Red Guards might not have approved of.

A number of variations on the A Blue Work Shirt concept are listed at OSPOP's online store at Taobao, and its offered in six sizes ranging from XS to XXL. Naturally, they're proudly made in China.

The shirts are made from an 80% polyester and 20% viscose blend, and all have paired pockets on the chest ideally sized for your copy of Chairman Mao's Little Red Book... or perhaps, your iPhone. (via Jing Daily)

Jun 22, 2012
by Anonymous

Mixed message?

This reminds me of the Levi's blue work shirts that were popular for a time in the mid-'70s... and the attractive young lady certainly puts an eye-catching spin on an old product. But I wonder how Chinese -- and, indeed, the rest of the world -- would feel about an item so closely associated with such a dark and brutal time in China's history. Folks who get upset over Che t-shirts would surely have a hard time embracing these shirts, no matter how practical or sexed up they are.