China's 'Dead Sea Water Park' is a Human Froot Loop Soup

China's largest indoor waterpark, or Godzilla's breakfast bowl of Froot Loops? Sorry big guy, the “Dead Sea of China” resort in Daying County, Sichuan Province, was visited by over one million people this summer – and from the looks of it, they all came on the same day!

Inspired by the original Dead Sea in the Middle East, the Dead Sea of China resort is situated at the same 30 degree north latitude and features architecture decorated with sculpted camels and supported by Greco-Roman columns.

The “sea” itself – actually a gigantic swimming pool – is housed beneath a translucent semi-cylindrical dome that lets in just enough sunlight to keep the fronds of the many transplanted palm trees green.

Speaking of green... OK, lets put away those negative thoughts and recall that the pool is infused with mineral salts, raising its salinity to approximately 9 times that of  the ocean.

Left alone, one's buoyancy is increased to the point where no external flotation devices are needed to keep one's head (and more) above water.

Promotional photos of an empty pool (left) display a distinct bluish cast and as for the whole “left alone” and “no flotation devices needed” parts, someone tell the multitudes of tourists who have filled the pool to overflowing.

Take away all the silly inflatable rings (which are probably sold on-site) and you could squeeze in another couple thousand paying customers, easy! 

In case the thought of swimming (OK, standing) in an oddly-tinted human soup appeals to you and your family, be advised that the Dead Sea of China resort can be easily reached by car, bus and train from the western Chinese city of Chengdu.


Keep in mind there's no diving allowed and as for swimming lengths, hah! Oh, be sure to have all your vaccinations up to date and even if they are, consider doubling up. (via TravBuddy, What's On Jinan, and ChinaSmack)

Dec 30, 2011
by Anonymous

I hope the salt in the water

I hope the salt in the water is strong enough to kill all the viruses and bacterias present there.