China's First Robot Moon Rover Needs A Name, Wants Your Input

Red rover, red rover, let... what's-it's-name come over! That's right, China's first lunar rover doesn't have a name and the China Academy of Space Technology wants the world's netizens to help fill in the name tag before the groundbreaking Chang'e-3 moon mission gets off the ground.

Listen up all you so-called “compatriots” inside and outside of China, you're officially more than welcome to submit a name for the 140kg, six-wheeled, solar powered rover online! After conducting an online poll on the various received suggestions, the winning entry will be announced sometime in November.

Though there's no cash prize in the offing, Chief designer of China's lunar probe program Wu Weiren stated that some prize-winners will be invited to watch the launch of Chang'e-3 in person... hopefully they won't be front-row seats.

Now if you're sitting there cackling to yourself as you ponder ignoble moon-mobile monikers like Rolls Rice, Great Wall-E, and Inigo Montoya, think again: the Grand Poobahs of the great and powerful China Academy of Space Technology will have none of it while frowning severely at your shenanigans!

What DO they want? According to Li Benzheng, deputy chief designer of China's lunar probe program, the rover's name “should express the wishes of Chinese at home and abroad, feature the modern and national traits to inspire people.” I guess that means “Weedlord Bonerhitler on Wheels” hasn't got a snowball's chance, whaddya think? (via Want China Times, images via Kosmonautix)