China's “Ladies Only” Parking Spaces Put Female Shoppers in the Pink

“Keep The Customer Satisfied” isn't just an old Simon & Garfunkel tune, it's a time tested way to boost business by inducing loyalty in those who purchase a company's products.

Business owners in the Chinese municipality of Tianjin have found an attractive way to appeal to a distinct market demographic – women – hoping that preferred “pink” parking places convenient to store entrances & exits will keep their female customers satisfied... and, keep 'em coming back for more!

The gesture comes at a low cost to business owners; a few gray concrete pillars painted rosy pink, posters of Pea Hens on the aforementioned pillars, a few shared walls decorated with feminine graphics and overhead LED signs denoting an area as “LP” do much to soothe the gentle sex's psyche, or so the pink thinking goes.

The pretty parking lot makeover is as much smoke & mirrors as it is paint & posters, however. Shoppers of either sex are going to head for parking places nearest to the store's doors, and daytime shoppers are more apt to be female anyway.

Rest assured that Tianjin's pink “Ladies Parking” spaces take up a small percentage of the overall parking spots and, as in any well-designed parking garage, no parking spots are too far for able-bodied shoppers even at peak shopping periods.

There's no mention from Tianjin authorities whether the new ladies-only pink parking places will be monitored for male interlopers, however, nor have we heard of any fines being doled out to gender-bending space hogs. Perhaps the shame of exposure will keep the guys in the gray while the gals park pink. (via Xinhuanet and People's Daily Online)

Jul 2, 2012
by Anonymous

Women demographic vs construction

Interestingly, this parking is located under a construction market. Given the fact that very few people, let alone women, do any construction or DIY jobs at home it is a rather interesting choice.