At China's Luxurious Panda Inn, All The Rooms Are Bear

The newly-opened Panda Inn in Emeishan, China, offers guests the bear necessities of the panda variety. Elegantly appointed suites like the Space Room, Digital Room and Forest Room display panda-themed décor that's bemusing, bewitching and even bamboozling.

Emeishan is a small city by Chinese standards with just under half of a million calling it home. Located in the lush and rugged southwestern province of Sichuan, Emeishan is a popular jumping-off point for tourists eager to visit China's national living treasures, Giant Pandas.

As panda tourism appeals to wealthy travelers both Chinese and Western, a need arose for a luxury resort hotel catering to their needs. The result is Panda Inn, a traditional Chinese styled, 32-room lodging facility offering 18 standard and 14 “mini” rooms. All of the rooms are decorated, to a lesser or greater degree, in outrageously outre panda motifs that extend from the beds to the walls, ceilings to floors.

“Pandas... In... SPACE!!”... Over the top décor goes one step beyond in this delightfully dizzy tribute to science fiction, satellites and spacesuits. The latter are illustrated on the chill-blue Space Room's walls, worn by pandas and quite stylishly at that.

The Forest Room features painted scenes of pandas in their natural environment of bamboo groves and, it would seem, giraffes. The bed is surmounted by a faux thatched roof of the type often employed by forest tribes to divert pounding monsoon rains.

In the oddly named Digital Room you'll find, instead of framed pictures, a half dozen wall-hangings of TV sets – most if not all being analog. No complaints though, since each screen shows a panda or pandas acting out sitcom-style. 

Then there's the Dance Room and its very disturbing wall graphic of panda-headed dancers right above sleepers' heads. Looking for a little nightmare fuel? Book the Dance Room and... pleasant dreams.

Last but not least we have the Red Age Room, ideal for those who happen to forget just which country they happen to be visiting. In this case, that would be the Panda's Republic of China. Sort of like Planet of the Apes, except with pandas.

If spotting pandas by day and being surrounded by their images at night tickles your fancy, consider booking a stay at the Panda Inn. Rates range from around $41 per night for a mini-room up to $106 per night for a high-end room like the “European Suite” above. Enjoy your stay... and don't be one of those guests who eats shoots and leaves. (via YouPouch and CTrip)