China's New Trains Will Be Faster Than A Bullet...Train

China is giving Japan a run for its money when it comes to public transportation. The body of the very first Chinese high-speed train with speeds rivaling that of its competitor (the Japanese bullet train), has been completed.

Both designed and manufactured in China, the train will serve as the latest addition to the country’s China Railway Highspeed Series, and will be the fastest Chinese train ever completed.

The train gets its speed from its use of multiple engines, unlike its predecessors who only used one. Using extremely lightweight aluminum, sources are leaking all over the Internet in regards to the train, although all beg to remain anonymous.

So what’s the big deal about a speedy train?

With the Beijing Olympics upon us in less than a year, China is excitedly awaiting a dramatic reveal on an international stage, and is also hoping for bragging rights when it comes to transporting Olympic athletes and spectators around the villages more quickly and efficiently than what has ever been accomplished. With these new trains, which are capable of squeezing in around 600 riders, the 80-minute route from Beijing-Tianjin to the site of the games will be reduced to around half an hour.

Source: China News

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Oct 26, 2007
by Paulson (not verified)

of course

These trains will all be destroyed.

Nov 25, 2007
by drfox


I read a while back they are working on a set of tracks to the west and will be doing others very soon. Will be so much nicer than rideing a bus all night to Mum's for Spring Fesitival.

I have not rode a train in China yet but perhapes on my 3 rd trip. Lovely people lovely country. Beihai is so lovely and the old town gold district.


See you soon, kne how ma ;)