China's Taobao Internet Mall Offers Beautiful Girl Delivery Service

E-commerce and online shopping may be booming like never before but there are those who mourn the loss of personal interaction for the sake of convenience. China's Taobao internet mall feels your pain and has come up with a solution: Tao Girls!

An outgrowth of the 5-year-old, 40,000-member Tao Girls Platform that allows young women to set up virtual internet modeling kiosks, the idea for a so-called “beautiful girl delivery service” came from the top echelons of the company.

“Taobao department is working with a logistics company,” stated Alibaba Group vice president Tao Ran at his Weibo blog, “to allow customers to choose Tao Girls (淘女郎) in the same city to deliver goods, delivery cost will be slightly higher.”

Tao Ran somewhat clarified his comments the next day, stating “Choose Tao Girls to be the beautiful couriers, since everyone's voices are so high, 'Tao Girl' has been taken into consideration.” To quote Jean-Luc Picard, “Make it so!”

The logistics for such a service would seem to be in place. Members of the Tao Girls Platform are concentrated in China's larger cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, as are both the online merchants and their customers.

As far as the “beautiful” goes, since the purpose of Tao Girls Platform is to offer an online window for prospective internet models, Taobao has easy access to a large, self-selecting pool of attractive young women who might jump at the chance to make extra money delivering packages in their area. Genius, wot?

It's obvious the concept of Tao Girls delivering items to internet shoppers has got plenty of potential for success but why stop at girls? One would imagine there are millions of Chinese housewives actively shopping online who would find the idea of “handsome man delivery” quite appealing, if not titillating.

Speak up, ladies, and demand equality in the area of attractive person home delivery! After all, what's good for the gander must certainly be good for the goose... just be careful what you wish for. (via ChinaHush

Apr 25, 2012
by Anonymous


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