China's xpPhone to be upgraded to Win7Phone?

The Chinese xpPhone was itself thought to be a rumor until engadget China reported on it last month. Sadly, it looks like this monstrosity does indeed exist. And what's more, it looks like it might soon be upgrading to Windows 7. Nevermind that the real Windows 7 Mobile won't be coming out until late next year. As usual, China has us covered with this magnificent (read 'ridonkulous') piece of work.


Lets hope our guys down in Shenzhen start getting the hang of Android sometime soon, because these massive Windows phones just won't do. They remind me of those massive cordless bricks from back in the 80s. The thing looks to be the same size as a PSP! 

It looks like Microsoft is left with a daunting challenge in the mobile space, given success of Android and the iPhone. Are they out of the running for good? It certainly looks that way as 2009 comes to a close. Maybe it's karma

   xpPhone interfacexpPhone interface 

Lead image from, xpPhone screenshot via engadget china