Chinese Cloud-Making Machine Makes Clouds AND Money

Two's company, three's a cloud? A Chinese businessman is generating some much larger numbers preceded by dollar signs by renting out an artificial cloud-making machine.

It's not known exactly how many machines the owner, who hails from China's central Henan province, has built but the revenue from a single rented machine is quite lofty: up to 10,000 yuan or around $1,560 per day, according to the featured machine's operators.

The Henan entrepreneur hasn't invented any new technology with his cloud-making machines, though his leveraging them into a revenue-making enterprise is certainly innovative. In a nutshell, the machines employ helium gas combined with a foamy liquid and whipped into a froth.

A series of molds form the lighter-than-air foam into shapes such as clouds and birds, which are then uncovered and allowed to float into the sky. It's not clear how those who purchase the artificial clouds realize any lasting value from their investments, as unlike helium-filled balloons the clouds cannot be tied to strings and carried home. (via CCTV News)