Chinese Man Too Sick To Walk Now Rides Huge Hog Through Town

His other car is a hog, and we don't mean a Harley. A 68-year-old Chinese man accustomed to walking the streets of Chongqing hasn't been feeling too perky of late... so he got porky instead! The local pig farmer now makes like a Mongol Mongo as he cruises Chongqing on his quarter-ton Hogzilla.

“Riding my pig saves me a lot of energy and is also quite fun,” explained Jiang Chengyou, who hails from the Huilong village in Dianjiang county. Jiang hit upon the idea of riding bareback, er, razorback (ouch!) after a bout of bronchitis caused him to get winded during his regular walks.

It wasn't long before Jiang and his non-kosher cayuse began to attract notice from neighborhood residents along his route. Lucky for them, nobody's dared to advise the Middle Kingdom Mongo he “can't park that here!”.

The “that” in question is a three year old swine weighing over 250 kilograms (about 550 lbs) and standing almost 90 centimeters (just under a yard) tall, according to a Chongqing Evening News reporter who's obviously handy with a portable scale and tape measure.

What does Jiang get out of this besides earning a reputation as a local celebrity by virtue of his unconventional mode of transportation? The thrifty farmer doesn't need to stop for gas fill-ups... just the opposite, actually.

As for his rip-snortin' pig-snouted ride, an occasional stop for lettuce is all that's required to keep The Baconator trotting on his trotters. Here's a video of hog & rider in motion. So next time you're in Chongqing and you hear someone squealing away from a stop sign, don't make assumptions... and don't hog the road. (via Global Times and LZnews

Mar 20, 2014
by Anonymous

Soon they will be the new

Soon they will be the new superpower,can't wait.