Chinese Public Bus Provides Private Maternity Seat For Breastfeeding Mothers

Bus transportation for new mothers just got easier in Jinhua, China. The city's public transportation authority has unveiled an innovative pilot project that offers lactating ladies a private, curtained space within which to breastfeed their children.

While obviously low-budget and at present confined to a single No. 28 bus, the project displays a remarkable level of consideration and sensitivity to women with infants who regularly travel by bus yet are deprived of privacy when their babies need to be fed. 

The so-called “maternity seat” consists of an ordinary, centrally-sited seat fitted with a metal overhead loop supporting a curtain – much like a standard shower curtain. The seat is situated beside a large glass outer window but that to has been fitted with a curtain to block visual access from the street.

According to an official from Jinhua No.2 Public Bus Operation Company, mothers with babies will enjoy priority use of the maternity seat but anyone would be allowed to sit there if no breastfeeding mothers were on the bus. The official added that should the project be well-received by mothers and bus-riders alike, more maternity seats would be installed on the company's other buses. (via Shanghaiist and Netease)