Chinese Restaurant Offers Discounts Based On Sex & Weight

A restaurant in Chongqing, China has begun offering discounts to heavyweight males and featherweight females. Something tells us the bistro won't break even until they institute a Ladies Only policy.

Here's how it works: male customers step on a scale in the lobby (shown above) to determine both their weight and the degree of their dining discount. The more they weigh, the more discounts they are entitled to.

Should they happen to weight more than 140 kilograms (308.65 lbs), they get to eat for free. Yeah, this is one made-in-China gimmick that's gonna STAY in China. 

Female diners, on the other hand, have to weigh less in order to pay less for their meal - minimum age limits apply, presumably. As with the males, their discounts are determined on a sliding scale (not literally) but in reverse: the LESS they weigh, the more discounts they get.

Women weighing under 34.5 kilograms (76.05 lbs) are exempt from paying for their meal altogether. Geez, women that thin don't need a meal, they need an IV drip STAT! Our source at CRI didn't mention the name of the restaurant but it shouldn't be that hard to find. Just look for a lineup formed of obese men and anorexic women and if opposites really do attract, look for this eatery to go out of business by the time you're reading this.