Chinese Restaurant In A River Serves Customers By The Brook

Diners seeking rapids service and an endless stream of delicacies are flooding a Chongqing, China restaurant during summer's hottest days. Rather than invest in air conditioning, the innovative eatery simply moved tables into a shallow, gently-flowing river.

Naturally, you'll want to ditch your fancy footwear in favor of plastic pool sandals and long pants and/or dresses aren't recommended even though the river is just a few inches deep.

Such outfits aren't the norm this time of year in any case: Chongking, located in southwest China, is known as one of the “Three Furnaces of the Yangtze River” (Wuhan and Nanjing are the others).

Summers are infamous not only for their length but for their extreme heat and humidity in China; daily high temperatures in Chongqing's city center regularly reach 33 to 34 °C (91 to 93 °F) in July and August.

Combine the stifling atmosphere with the legendary hot & spicy food of Sichuan province (just to the west) and restaurant diners can expect to lose more weight in sweat than they'll gain by eating – not exactly the most pleasurable way to diet!

Kudos, then, to one particular Chongqing eatery for keeping customers cool while saving a bundle on their electricity bill. The middle of a river probably isn't any less humid, however, and considering the state of China's rivers and streams one might be hesitant to dip any body parts into the flow for any amount of time.

But let's not nitpick, and instead appreciate the owner's innovative approach to customer comfort. The restaurant's staff benefits as well – they still have to bus tables but there's no need to sweep the floor. (via CRI English)