Chinese Winery Has A Capital Idea For Their Bathroom Design

One might say China's making progress in the field of ostentatious bathroom design but in reality it's the opposite: they're making congress. The erstwhile Outhouse of Representatives can be found in the city of Fuyang, Anhui province, on the grounds of a large brewery & winery. Unlike the paralyzing gridlock in D.C., at least things are actually getting done over in Anhui. 

Though images of the luxurious lavatory's interior are limited in scope for obvious reasons, it can be discerned that the anteroom features no less than TEN individual sinks. That's SINKS.

The ostensible reason for designing the bathroom in this distinct (sorry) style was to attract tourists to the winery – kind of an inverse way of thinking but whatever floats yer boat, Fuyang folks.

In any case, the winery's nefarious plan to attract visitors, ply them with wine and direct them to their on-site Crapitol Hill may have been a stroke of genius.

Though said to be struck speechless by the blinged-up bathroom's obvious expense, those who've enjoyed the facilities aren't complaining – and besides, the entire winery washroom excursion costs a lot less than a trip to Washington. (via NetEase)