Chinese Automaker Shows Off Electric SUV...Hints Production

While a few automakers have explored the idea of an electric SUV, many quickly shift their interests to smaller vehicles that are easier to engineer for high mileage. Not too long ago at the Shanghai Motor Show, a Chinese manufacture has unveiled plans for a Hybrid Electric SUV that may just see production in the near future.

Sadly, not too much is known about the vehicle, which for the time have been code named E301. The exterior of the vehicle is very futuristic, featuring gull-wing doors and some very interesting wheels. Ground clearance seems to be no issue and from the images, 5 adults should fit into the cabin comfortably.

Power for the E301 will be provided by a hybrid electric system that will most likely use a new Lithium-Ion battery system. A small internal combustion engine will suffice as a range extender when your electric energy depletes and, assuming the designers have included every means possible, regenerative braking should also make an appearance.

The automaker decided not to make a comment as to whether or not the E301 will be on the streets sometime soon, but the concept seems very close, If not already, to a production ready model. As soon as a definite decision is made, we will let you know.


May 3, 2009
by Anonymous

Id buy it :D

Id buy it :D

May 16, 2009
by Anonymous

Id drive this

Which firms would produce, market & service the E301.

Variations for E301

Mini Van
Mini SUV
Police Squad car?

Love the Benz style Gullwing doors & body style.

Bring them to So CA area.