Chinese “Beautiful Scenery” Apartments Troll Tenants With Painted-On Windows

Say you're a savvy real estate developer in the city of Qingdao, northeastern China, and you want to make your new highrise development more appealing to potential residents. Naming the neighborhood Yichang Meijing (“Beautiful Scenery”) is a good idea. Adding dozens of fake painted windows to the exterior walls, not so much.

One might argue that Qingdao city's somewhat shabby Shibei district is no Central Park West – potential buyers are neither expecting luxury bells and whistles nor can they afford to pay for them. 

As well, the faux windows “look” out from the buildings' north faces onto unremarkable Yichang Road, not exactly a rival to the Champs-Élysées. Thirdly, who wants to drive home through traffic only to gaze out at more traffic?

The imitation windows don't look out of place, from a distance at least, as their dimensions match those of the far fewer real windows on the buildings. Plus, every unit has a small balcony so a view of something is possible.

Double-plus-good, credit the developer with not painting fake windows on the units' inside walls... now that would qualify as maximum trolling.

According to Xiao Jian of CFP, the buildings located at the intersection of Yichang Road and Xinglong No. 3 Road are currently under construction but are nearing completion and should be welcoming tenants sometime soon.

Here's a sales tip for the landlords: tell potential residents each apartment unit comes with a free Windows Surface! (via ChinaSMACK and Netease)