Chinese Book Sterilizer Makes Dirty Books Clean Again

You've just borrowed a book from the library and are about to crack the cover when your tiny internal voice of doom whispers, “who was the last person to touch this book, and what else were they touching at the time?

Consider that horrible thought for a few seconds and try to resist screaming OH MY GAWD!!! If you're not a germaphobe now, the mental image of some flu-infested, phlegm-hacking mouth-breather's grubby, unwashed hands trailing tendrils of biohazardous biofilm from chapter to worse will prompt a sudden extreme makeover that'll leave you more OCD-ridden than Howie Mandel on a bad day. Whew!


Since not everyone has or wants an e-reader and many recommended university texts aren't downloadable, it's either drop that scorching bestseller like a hot potato, break out the latex gloves and surgical mask before reading, or simply pop the toxic Typhoid Mary of tomes into the IDSmart Bookshower for 30 seconds. There now, that wasn't so bad, was it?

The IDSmart Bookshower is the refrigerator-sized brainchild of Claridy Solutions, and it's proven to be a big hit after being installed at several Taiwan university libraries.

Now the “clean machine” has made the jump across the Strait to Mainland China, making a soft landing at public libraries in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, eastern China. With the Chinese media seemingly on a revolving door of health scandals lately, the public should welcome the IDSmart Bookshower with open arms.

Don't let the “Bookshower” part of the name fooled you, no water is involved. Rather, a fan gently blows open an inserted book allowing UV light to play upon the pages, wiping out any germs the Great Unwashed may have wiped on. Best of all, the service is free of charge. (via M.I.C Gadget and