Chinese Day of Revival and Reform: Noteworthy Beijing Festival

The Chinese day of revival and reform will be celebrated in Beijing with a festival that tens of millions of Chinese are expected to watch and enjoy on television, via mobile phones or broadband Internet chat-rooms. It is all part of president Deng’s philosophy that teaches about getting things done as exemplified in his statement:

“No matter if the cat is black or white, it is a good cat if it catches rats.”


Reform in China has improved the lives of countless people in many regions and provinces of China, some of which were built from small fishing villages. Reform revolutionizes and transform the rigidity of a country steeped in the after effects of state planning, which has greatly stifled national productivity and creativity. In spite of attempts to control births, the population of China has more than doubled in the last few generations. One Chinese observer wrote:

“I hope to see the day that the dusty Gobi Desert will be turned to a green oasis. I also aspire to see that day will come soon. Only reform and opening-up can strengthen the country, and only a strengthened country can do it. Divert water, store rainwater, increase moisture, and make grass and trees grow.”

China has experienced much reform and revitalization in the last thirty years. Rural farmland reform is moving steadily towards agricultural machinery and modernization, and farmers are allowed to lease or contract their plots to corporations. The market system, though not fully in place yet, has taken hold and a large number of businesses have privatized. Entrepreneurship is now encouraged and many have succeeded in realizing their business dreams and goals. Many more seek to emulate Deng who once said, “To become rich is glorious".

Still, things are just beginning to change. More government investment into education and bigger grants to rural students are especially needed in order to put China in a competitive advantage in the 21st century. It is also thought that the powers that be should develop a system that inspires and rewards technological innovations, encourages green energy usage, and widens broadband Internet coverage.

Most of all, reform must continue and China needs to keep itself always open to the outside world.

Here’s to a new world where innovation and creativity are equally rewarded.