Chinese Designer Creates Sandal / Air Jordan Mashup

According to Neocha, a site devoted to all things creative in China, designer Wang Zhijun has whipped up a crazy concept shoe that combines a pair of throwback Nike Air Jordan IVs with an old 1980s Chinese sandal-like shoe. He has taken the sole of the Air Jordans, and then added on a top piece that works in an open strap design that retains the Nike shoe shape and logo.

Air Jesus?Air Jesus? 

For anyone living in Beijing during summer time, this might be a great way to keep a sporty look while allowing your feet to breathe a little at the same time. Maybe Nike should consider hiring on Wang as a part of their design team, because this is a super clever idea.

I'm not sure if he has settled on a name, but Air Jesus could be a fun - albiet controversial - choice...

For more information about Wang Zhijun and other designers and creative types doing cool work in China, drop on over to Neocha for other fresh ideas like this one.  


Sep 24, 2010
by Anonymous


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