Chinese Online Retailers Furiously Flogging 'Three Wolf Moon' T-shirts

Remember “Three Wolf Moon”, 2009's meme of the year and, as a result, store retailer The Mountain's biggest selling design EVAR? No? It seems China doesn't either, leaving the field of wolf-wear wide open for one enterprising online seller obliviously ensconced (along with their customers) behind China's Great Firewall.

Recapping the rise of Three Wolf Moon would take more space than we're willing to allocate – and besides, you were there, watching it unfold on the the Intartubes. Unless, of course, you were in China in 2009 and missed it.

That seems to be the premise behind one enterprising Chinese online retailer who's flogging Three Wolf Moon shirts like there's no tomorrow.

Not only is he/she/they selling them, the promotional copy and imagery used borrows heavily from the post-Amazon laugh-fest in which anyone with a modicum of mad photoshop skills posted their over-the-top efforts online. In China, though, the humor and sarcasm doesn't seem to have percolated through the formidable Great Wall of China.

Now no doubt the 100-percent cotton, long-sleeved Three Wolf Moon shirts sold by seller Kai Lick for 78.87 yuan (about $12.50) are of good quality – check the tag and see where your shirt was made sometime. And really, who wouldn't want to wear a shirt featuring Bulgarian illustrator Antonia Neschev's compelling tableau of three wolves howling at the moon?

The “do not want” list doesn't include U.S. President Barack Obama, the late North Korean “Dear Leader” Kim Il Sung, dearly departed Apple founder & CEO Steve Jobs,  Scottish singing sensation Susan “your 15 minutes are up” Boyle, and many more.

Not to mention a host of very obviously non-Chinese dudes who've morphed from nerdy nebbishes to rock star romeos thanks to the magical, miraculous, girl-attracting powers of the Three Wolf Moon shirt. There they all are, unofficially and unlicensed, at Kai Lick's sales page at Taobao.

Will China's 1.3 billion upwardly mobile consumers take the bait? Will the approximately 2,285,000 members of the People's Liberation Army be trading their camouflage fatigues for Three Wolf Moon shirts in order to convincingly defeat the imperialist hordes (and win over their chicks)? Kai Lick waits, dreaming...