Chinese Residents Demand Real Water Instead Of Fake

The buzz around Beijing this month is that over half of all water residing in the country is “fake.” How can this be? Do a little more research and you realize people are complaining about half of the drinking water purchased from local markets and other locations.

In a country known for overpopulation and pollution, clean drinking water is in high demand and something the Chinese people depend upon in their hot and humid environment. The issue is directed specifically at barreled water, used in most city offices and homes.

The solution? 28 major barreled water manufacturers have agreed to take part in an electronic monitoring system, which will vouch for the authenticity of their water. The labels are being produced and applied to water by the Beijing bureau of quality and technical supervision, and they hope this will cut down on consumer complaints.

Fires are started easily in this capital city, where people are suspicious of the system and are adamant about getting their money’s worth. Finding out many private water companies were working hard to fill barrels with dirty tap water did not add any glean to the government’s reputation.

Those who choose to remain skeptics after purchasing labeled water can rest their worries by text messaging the bureau or visiting the official website of Product Identification, Authentification and Tracking System. If the code on the product turns out to be a fraud, the consumer will be able to instantly log a complaint with the bureau. Source

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