Chinese Restaurant Saves on Staff by Using iPads for Menus

These aren't your father's TV dinners. A new restaurant in Guangzhou's Heng Bao Plaza has come up with a very modern way to spend less on traditional wait staff: each table orders their meal using an Apple iPad provided by the restaurant. Even better, diners can continue to use the iPad to browse the Internet and/or play games while they enjoy dinner, dessert and drinks.

It may seem ironic that Steve Jobs' creation is costing jobs in China's food service sector but according to restaurant manager Wang Hong, “iPad helps us lower the costs, make the ordering convenient and bring fashion to the restaurant.”

The restaurant's name isn't being mentioned as already there are long lineups, partially composed of journalists eager to confirm the rumors. “We don’t want to make it big news,” explained Wang, “but simply a basic tool in the restaurant.”

Well, maybe a bit more than that: the restaurant's target demographic are young people and the thinking is that having iPads for menus will strike a chord among Guangzhou's (and China's) gadget-loving youth culture. Wang confirmed this but stressed “The quality of the food is our first concern.”

About 25 iPads are already in use at the restaurant and each has been protected with an anti-theft system. Additional iPads are on order with the goal of providing each table with their own iPad menu by May 1st, 2011. What do you think: snooty waiter or smug iPad? I suppose it's purely a matter of taste. (via China Hush, XKB, and The Next Web)

Apr 28, 2011
by Anonymous

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& have card scanner to read card attached, they do that in Europe.

Must for worldwide.

May 17, 2011
by Anonymous

many way for Touch screen ordering

Cool app!!

There are hundreds of restaurants that are using Ipad menu or eMenu (Concepetic)- touch screen menus that enable the diner to order from the screen and see the diffrent dishes with diffrent languages. It is working in many counties: UK Russia Spain Israel and Holland. There are also IPad menus and android tablet menus check
You can even see the menu with ipad menu :

I believe that technology will be evolve in restaurants in the coming years...