Chinese Robots Face Chilly Future

As the seasons change, children will begin dreaming about all that takes place at the North Pole. However, grown-up Chinese scientists tucked into their beds at night are dreaming about the South Pole instead as China prepares for its 24th venture into the region.

Two intelligence robots have been designed to make the most of the expedition, one will be able to walk on ice while the other is capable of flying at low altitudes. This is the first time China has used such machines for its South Pole explorations.


a South Pole research stationa South Pole research station

Built by the China Polar Research Center with more than a little help from Beijing University, the ice robot resembles a tank with its bulky design. It is able to overcome ice cracks, snow dunes, and other winterly hazards deemed dangerous for humans intending to set out on foot. It will be able to determine weather patterns as well as explore other components of the South Pole waiting to be either confirmed or discovered.


On the other side of the spectrum is the extremely small and agile flying robot that can go in the air for an hour up to an entire day without having to stop. Its flight is determined upon wind conditions, and it will eventually carry with it an ocean monitoring device.


The Chinese are hoping to be the first in new discoveries thanks to their robots, as they are much more able to handle any weather conditions and also unlike people, they don't expect to be paid overtime.  Source


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