Chinese Snuggies For Scooters Warm Up Winter Electric Bike Commuters

Electric bikes and scooters are immensely popular in China but driving one in winter weather leaves many commuters cold in more ways than one. Enter the Scooter Snuggie, an innovative insulated flexible semi-snowsuit that keeps riders from being chilly though it makes them look a little silly.

The wearable weather shields are being sold on Taobao, China's biggest internet mall, and are available in a wide range of colors and patterns... we won't use the word “styles” because to be honest, these things are about as stylish as the much-maligned original Snuggie. There's even one in faux leopard skin!

China's a pretty big country and winter temperatures vary by degrees (no pun intended), so the manufacturers have designed these wind deflector weather protectors in an almost modular fashion. Some have handlebar “gloves” attached to the main body of the suit while another option is to purchase the oversized oven mitts separately and use as required. (Similar to these hand warmers sold in the U.S.)

The English copy on some of the product page images is curious to say the least. As the above image's text may be too small to read, here's what the seller has to say about their item: “We all know that environment is so important to ourselves and our future generations. Natural resources have been depleted in an unprecedented scale.  The environment has been polluted in a way that never happened before. It is certain that the world and all the living organism on it are going straight to hell. But why those in power”... and it ends suddenly, without even a period, as if some omnipotent eagle-eyed censor ensconced behind some impenetrable great wall – er, where were we? Ah yes, Scooter Snuggies!

As far as the many eye-stinging color and pattern combos offered go... look, China may not be a hotbed of fashion and these clumsy cloaks aren't helping the situation to say the least. One might even wish for an optional Cloak of Invisibility to wear over their Scooter Snuggie but alas, the only current option is snow-blindness. (via Rocketnews24)

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Nov 16, 2013
by Anonymous

they should use large

they should use large farings to block cold breezes.

Nov 16, 2013
by Anonymous

Here's a crazy idea: try

Here's a crazy idea: try investing in a helmet.