CHOBi CAM Cheese Takes Real Gouda Photos

Next time you ask your photographic subjects to “say cheese,” do your bit by flashing a CHOBi CAM Cheese Mini Digital Toy Camera from Japan's JTT Online Shop. The tiny, cheesy (but in a good way) digicam records images on a removable microSDHC memory card, allowing users to download and save their snaps for posterity.

CHOBi CAM Cheese is JTT's latest entry in their popular CHOBi CAM lineup that includes miniature digital cameras that look like yellow Smiley Faces, colorful LEGO bricks and many more. But lets cut to the chase, or the cheese... and we mean THAT in a good way as well.

The yellow, wedge-shaped, ABS plastic bodied camera packs a respectable number of features into a very small space... we're talking 45mm by 30mm (1.8 by 1.2 inches) small and it weighs a mere 16 grams or half an ounce. For instance, users aren't limited to taking 1280 × 1024pix resolution still images.

Simply charge the camera's internal battery for an hour from any USB2.0 port via the included cable and the CHOBi CAM Cheese can record video (720 × 480pix 24fps maximum video resolution) for up to 45 minutes and sound for up to 75 minutes. Small wonder indeed.

JTT is pricing the CHOBi CAM Cheese at 2,980 yen (about $31.50) for the camera with microSDHC card. Pay more (up to 5,080 yen or around $53.50) and you get the basic package plus a SanDisk adapter that bumps the memory up to 8GB, 16GB or 32GB. Each set comes with a detachable carrying strap, a USB connector cable and a Japanese-language instruction manual all packed neatly into a cheese-themed box.