Chocolate Bar Mirror Reflects Your Good Taste

You look so sweet!You look so sweet!
The Chocolate Bar Compact Stand Mirror from Strapya World looks amazingly like a Meiji brand milk chocolate bar, but don't take a bite - it's actually a folding make-up mirror!

The original cross-your-heart bar!The original cross-your-heart bar!
Yep, those wacky product planners at Japan's Strapya World are at it again! This time, somebody locked them in for the weekend with nothing to eat except chocolate bars... and not just any kind, either. Only rich, creamy milk chocolate bars made by popular Japanese confectioner Meiji would do, and when the sugar-shocked employees finally emerged, to no one's surprise they had come up with an irresistible chocolate-y item that won't melt in your mouth - nor your hands!

The perfect gift for a chocoholic friend, the conveniently folding mirror is about the same size as an actual Meiji chocolate bar - about 6" by 3" - and even comes in a lookalike wrapper. Simply unfold it along the recessed hinge, mobile phone style, and it stands up at a jaunty angle.

Wear white, it won't melt!Wear white, it won't melt!
Another option is to open it sideways like a book, exposing the mirror while showing off the faux chocolate backing to hungry fellow subway riders. When you're all made up and ready to go, just snap it shut and slip it into a handbag or back pocket.

The Chocolate Bar Compact Stand Mirror is a striking reflection of your good taste - not to mention making a great gift! It costs just 620 yen (about $5.20) plus shipping from - who else? - Strapya World in Japan.



Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer

Aug 9, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

This site is starting to

This site is starting to look like a giant marketing site for Strapya World.  How, exactly, is a candybar-replica mirror considered "an invention"?


Aug 9, 2007
by Steve Levenstein
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more than just inventions

If you visit this site for any amount of time you'll note that it isn;t only about inventions - we cover innovations in all fields, inventive marketing, new ways of presenting products and in general, new ways of looking at how things are done. If, as Japanese Innovations Writer, i can provoke a "hey, that's neat!" reaction, then i've done what i set out to do. Strapya is just one of many Japanese design and marketing firms who are doing something different by presenting ordinary products in an extraordinary way.

Aug 9, 2007
by makeworldbetter
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It may not be an invention

But this kind of creative thinking definitely is worthy to be mentioned here