Chocolate Bar Puzzle Is Deliciously Difficult

Meiji Milk Chocolate is to Japanese sweets addicts what the classic Hershey Bar is to their American counterparts: a traditional tasty fix for snack lovers who've got a sweet tooth that just won't quit. Now there's a faux Meiji chocolate bar puzzle that'll give your brain a workout while giving your waistline a break.

Introducing the Meiji Chocolate Bar Puzzle, officially authorized by Meiji Seika Kaisha and packaged in the confectioner's iconic gold-printed cardboard wrapper. Inside you'll find a clear plastic topped tray measuring 9.5 x 16.5cm or 3.74 x 6.49 inches that holds Tetrus-like puzzle pieces assembled in the form of a Meiji chocolate bar. Shake out the pieces, mix 'em around, and try to reassemble them - it's like a Rubik's Cube, only less geeky.

Choose from three different classic Meiji chocolate bars (white, milk and bittersweet). You can even bring out their REAL counterparts since working on puzzles can give one the munchies... just be sure to munch on the snacks, not the puzzle pieces. (via Cookie Cutter)