Chocolate Bar Stickers Tell You When to Taste

Morinaga, one of Japan's biggest candy & chocolate companies, has come up with an engaging idea to boost the popularity of their premium Dars chocolate: a temperature sensing sticker that indicates when "high quality mouth meltiness" has been achieved. It's a neat idea if you think about it. Foods like ice cream taste better when eaten at a higher temperature, so why not chocolate?


Morinaga has taken this concept to the next level, however, by putting stickers right on each package so consumers will know just when their Dars chocolate is at its most tasty temp! The rewards are, well, let this comely young actress show you in this brief but enlightening video:

The round sticker changes color from violet to deep pink to washed-out pale pink as its temperature rises from below 19 to above 25 degrees Celsius, with 22 (71.6 Fahrenheit) being the optimum temp for what Morinaga like to call "high quality mouth meltiness".

To coincide with their promotional campaign for the three versions of Dars chocolate bars bearing the temperature sticker, Morinaga has publicized an interesting promotion that plays on the bars' unique feature.

Here's how it works: save up 5 proof of purchase marks from eligible Morinaga products and send them to Morinaga, along with your contact info. From all the entries received, 800 will be randomly drawn by Morinaga and declared to be winners. The prize? A very cool, pardon the pun, "chocolate cellar" that allows discriminating chocoholics to store their delicious Dars chocolate bars at the magical 22 degree Celsius level, ready to provide that "high quality mouth meltiness" at a moment's notice!.

Hey, high-priced cigars are kept in temperature-controlled humidors and Dars is Morinaga's premium brand, so why not? At least you'll be spending more as time goes by, trying to keep your chocolate cellar chock full of Dars chocolate bars! (via Japan Marketing News)

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer

Oct 9, 2008
by Anonymous

The video doesn't

The video doesn't work...

Though it does sound nice.
I've always wanted to eat chocolate that "melted" like the ads.