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Chocolate By Design

Of course, design is not limited to architecture or interiors or hi-tech.... Design is not limited at all. And to prove it, some very well known interior and product designers are getting into chocolate design. How would your valentine enjoy geting one of these chocolates made by the famous French Chocolat Factory for 5.5 Designers?

Would she be into an "Honest Chocolate Tablet?"




Or "The First Undecided Turron?" Turron is a traditional European cake or candy that is generally made with egg white and contains nuts, usually almonds. It's Spanish history dates back to the Renaissance, but today, you can find Turron made from a variety of ingredients. So, in European sweet shops there is usually a choice of at least three or four varieties of Turron. 5.5 Designers made it easy for the undecided...





Oh, if I have to die, let it be by chocolate....

5.5 Designers; Chocolat Factory