Chocolate Prescription: Indulging In Your Health With Chocolate

So by now, we all know that there are nutritional benefits to chocolate, thank goodness! Now, you can get your daily dose of chocolate from Chocolate Prescription, to take along with your daily multivitamin.

Just incase you aren't aware (what rock have you been living under?), many healthcare experts claim that there are many health benefits to indulging in dark chocolate. Rich in antioxidants, dark chocolate can lower high blood pressure, prevent heart disease and stave off other illnesses, but only when consumed in moderation.

Enter Chocolate Prescription, a company that distributes 71% cocoa dark chocolate in weekly prescriptions. The one ounce packages are sized perfectly, so you can get the optimal health benefits of dark chocolate without binging on a larger portion that will harm, instead of helping to improve your health.

Chocolate lovers can sign up to receive 1 week's worth of their chocolate prescriptions for $19.99 USD, which contains 7 1-ounce bars; or they can choose a 4 week prescription for $76.99. Chocolate lovers can also receive automatic prescription deliveries at a 10% discount, so there is never a chocolate shortage in their homes. For $69.99 men and women can receive their automatic prescription deliveries once a month, or for just over $200 can have three four week chocolate prescriptions delivered to their homes.

This innovative business isn't just focusing on chocolate distribution, its main concerns lie with the health benefits of eating chocolate; so once you get your own chocolate prescription, restrain yourself, and don't eat the whole box.