Chocolate's Answer To Silly Putty: Magic Choc

If you love experimenting with food and you love chocolate, Magic Choc is the most delicious way to satisfy both urges.  It's a molding chocolate that is so forgiving, you can make dozens of models, like you used to do with Silly Putty, until you can't resist gobbling it up!


Magic Choc will bring out the creative chocolate lover in you!Magic Choc will bring out the creative chocolate lover in you!


Sure you can cook up molding chocolate yourself; have you ever tried? Let me tell you, it's one messy business. But with just a starter kit of Magic Choc, you can work your magical designs without the mess - just the fun! The UK manufacturer of this Magic Choc has a patented method of making the chocolate flexible.

The kit comes with 3 kinds of Belgian chocolate, just what you need for your spiffy models; milk, dark, and white chocolates, enough for 4 to 5 small chocolate models. Plus it includes anti-bacterial wipes to clean your molding surface and your hands before you accomplish your chocolate masterpieces.  There are no artificial flavors or colors, no added preservatives and no animal products in the chocolate.

Now, don't think I've ignored the appeal this Magic Choc kit has for kids.  The idea of getting their hands into something they can play with and eat is called the most absorbing learning toy ever and just plain brilliant!


Some examples of Magic Choc models to get you startedSome examples of Magic Choc models to get you started


A box of Magic Choc just could be the spark of a successful career as a food designer or just another way to experiment and be creative.  But it promises to be yummy. 


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