Chocotowel Is The Best Hand Towel Bar None!

Chocotowel from Japanese design house OTTAIPNU may be sweet but it's also calorie-free. Why design a hand towel to look like a chocolate bar? Why not... just the thought of chocolate is enough to boost one's mood and provoke a smile.

There's a bit more to the Chocotowel story than that, of course, and it all began when textile designer Masaru Suzuki sought to expand the concept of the towel from utilitarian home goods to, well, something more. Suzuki was well aware that fabric is filled with unexploited potential; his challenge was how to help make it all it can be, not to mention fun!

The result is Chocotowel, a series of five made-in-Japan soft cotton hand towels measuring 10 by 20cm (4 by 8 inches) each. Chocotowels are dyed to evoke deliciously rich Green Tea, Strawberry, Bitter, White, and Milk chocolate bars and they're manufactured in such a way as to ape the look of a 24-piece premium bar.

To complete the sweet illusion, each Chocotowel is wrapped in silver-backed paper like that used to wrap expensive real chocolate bars. The outer paper wrapper features a script graphic “100%”, aping the percentage of cocoa advertised by many of the ritzier dark chocolate bars. In the case of Chocotowel, it indicates the content is 100% cotton.

Koncent Online Shop is offering Chocotowels for sale priced at 525 yen (tax included) or just over $5 each. They work well enough as practical if unusual hand towels or as Koncent suggests, “it is most suitable for a slight present.”