Choose Your Grandma! Knitting Grannies Craft Custom Order Hats & Socks

Who says you need to have your very own, blood-related granny to craft your custom made knit wear? A growing international fashion trend allows the young and old to order knitted hats and socks directly from the knitting needles of Nanas and Omas around the world, and Net Granny and Golden Hook to get your hands on the classic fashion.

Net Granny, a company from Switzerland, specializes in knitting socks. While you cannot custom design your knit wear, you can select the granny you'd like to create the fashion for your feet. Each granny has her own trademark design, and turn-times for the craft are displayed so you know exactly how quickly she can get around to sending you your cozy knitted socks. Hiring your own granny to darn socks for your feet, doesn't come cheap for approximately $45 USD with the exchange rate, but it certainly gives you a fun story to tell about how you acquired the uniquely crafted fashions.

Unfortunately, Net Granny is on hiatus right now, pending an investor willing to manage and run the fashion business. However, with so much positive press about the fashion, which is not innovative in its form, but its back story, there's no doubting that Net Granny's knitting elder's will be back to their craft shortly.

Golden Hook takes the fashionable knitting granny concept to the next level; though they specialize in knitted hats, rather than socks, they allow you to design the cozy fashion item start-to-finish using their web application. Users can start by choosing the style of hat they'd prefer from Classical, Longer, Peruvian (with ear flaps), and select whether or not they'd like a pompom. To customize the knit hat design, you can then choose whether to modify an existing design, or create your own; where you can choose materials and select colors by clicking on each section. A wide variety of colors are available in wool or Angora fabrics, with a more limited selection of Alpaca and cashmere for those into more luxurious fashions.

After you've chosen your hat design, it's time to select the granny you'd like to knit your custom hat. To help you make your choice, there's a photo and biography, or you can put the decision in the hands of Samir, the token 5 year old, who is presumably the grandson of one of the knitting grandmas.

The concept of knitting grannies is one that's been taking off, making it's own unique contribution to the world of fashion, and while knitting may be one of the oldest forms of craft and fashion design; it's the history of the garment that makes these fashions innovative.

Via: Springwise