Choosing A Cat Litter Mat (Or) What Litter-aly Mat-ters?


Trying to choose a litter mat to attract litter off your cat's paws as she leaves the litter box will make you crazy.  It did me.  So I thought I'd share what I learned by checking out all the top rated litter mats on and finding out what litter-aly mat-ters.


1.   Size Mat-ters

Unless you have a cat who knows what a litter mat is for and is willing to do that (i.e., wipe his paws on it) when he leaves his litter box, you will have to get a large litter mat to give him enough room to shed the litter.  Here is one from Petmate, which is advertised as "extra large," but doesn't reveal its dimensions in the description.  From what I gather from the reviews, the mat is about 46" - 48" by 32", depending on who's measuring.  Give an inch here or there, and it's still the largest litter mat, by far, that I've found....


Petmate Extra Large Litter Catcher MatPetmate Extra Large Litter Catcher Mat


According to reviewers, the Petmate mat is plastic and soft on cats' paws.


2. Shape Mat-ters

If you have a cat who gets out of her box and goes sideways, trying to avoid whatever you have placed in front of her litter box, you need a fairly wide litter mat or two mats, one facing north-south, the other east west.  Depending on the size and shape of the litter box, you may just need one mat.  Here is a litter mat that may match the box fairly well, the Imperial Cat Neat & Tidy Heavy Duty Litter Mat, made of marine grade carpeting.


Imperial Cat Neat & Tidy Heavy Duty Litter MatImperial Cat Neat & Tidy Heavy Duty Litter Mat

The Petmate Extra Large Litter Catcher Mat, above, is also pretty wide at 32"; so that might suffice for wide-steppers.


3.  Material Mat-ters

I don't mean to imply that your cat is a material cat, but when choosing a litter mat for your cat, you want to make sure that the material picks up cat litter like a magnet.  The closest you can get to a mat like that may be the Pruven Litter Trap Mat by 3M, which comes in two sizes, neither of which is large, but some customers say the material traps well, so maybe that makes up for the size.  You could always buy two, if needed.


Pruven Litter Trap Mat by 3MPruven Litter Trap Mat by 3M




4. Cleanliness Mat-ters

The most popular cat litter mat sold on is, by far, the PetFusion SmartGrip Cat Litter Mat.  It's pretty large, but not the largest, wide enough, but not the widest, and the material is kind of rubbery and closed-weaved. It's appeal seems to be that its slightly indented patterns are easy to clean with anything from a damp sponge to a broom and hose to a vacuum cleaner.  It also comes in a few different decorative patterns, if that is important to you.


PetFusion SmartGrip Cat Litter MatPetFusion SmartGrip Cat Litter Mat


Does Price Mat-ter?

The highest rated cat litter mats range in price from about $8.00 to $50.00 on Amazon. The Blackhole Cat Litter Mat at $45 has a 5-star rating, but only has 4 reviews.  Can you compare that adequately with other mats like the ones cited above that have 4+-star ratings but hundreds of reviews?  I will say that the Blackhole Litter Mat is a nifty-looking mat and it appears to be made well of a soft, spongy, non-toxic EVA. It has two layers, so the litter falls through the perforated top layer to a solid layer and can be rinsed off; it appears easy to clean.


Blackhole Cat Litter MatBlackhole Cat Litter Mat


If I had the 50 bucks to spend on my cat's litter mat, would I buy the Blackhole Cat Litter Mat? Got me! I have to choose from all the others!

Hope your choice is easier than mine....

That's the buzz for today!


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