Chopstick Tree Art Sculpture Helps Make a Point



In another effort to encourage people to use reusable chopsticks the China Environmental Protection Foundation has sculpted a chopstick tree and handed out reusable chopsticks.

About 100 acres of tree are cut down a day to create single use wooden chopsticks.

"Think here of a forest larger than Tiananmen Square - or 100 American football fields - being sacrificed every day. That works out to roughly 16 million to 25 million felled trees a year. Deforestation is one of China's gravest environmental problems, leading to soil erosion, famine, flooding, carbon dioxide release, desertification and species extinction" (Los Angeles Times).

The CEPF is working on reducing this rapid deforestation by bringing these facts to the people in an eye catching way.

To do this, the CEPF gathered 30,000 pairs of used disposable chopsticks from Restaurants in Shanghai, washed them and built a tree sculpture, five meters tall high. The tree was chopped down and it was then displayed on a busy downtown street in Shanghai. Volunteers handed out reusable chopsticks to people passing by. According to the CEPF only 20 years worth of trees are left to continue to make the disposable wooden chopsticks.

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Via Inhabitat and Treehugger