Chopsticks Manners Kit Helps You Pick Up Chicks

Psst... yeah, you there in the corner. Wanna learn how to pick up chicks? Yeah, I thought so. Well, it's gonna cost ya - $22.17 plus shipping. Does it work? Oh, it works all right, you can pick up as many chicks as you want, all shapes & sizes. Well, just 4 shapes to be exact but we'll give you 40 chicks to practice on.

OK, I'll be honest, the Manner Beans Chopsticks Practice Kit will NOT improve your luck with the opposite sex... unless they have a keen appreciation for the fine art of chopstick manipulation. Surprisingly perhaps, many in Japan do.

In fact, when it comes to chopsticks there are enough do's & don'ts to fill a rather thin, round instruction book - and that's what you get, along with a bowl, a pair of chopsticks and a drawstring bag of 40 plastic "chicks" with which to hone your mad chopstick skills upon.

The chicks come in 4 different shapes that are progressively tougher to grab, with the pear-shaped one being the most difficult to pick up. Just like real life, except opposite!